Canadians start the record, Radorov and Dannuo bravely grab the opportunity to fight for the team, after the guard on the guard Ye Lin Lin shot into the pile of people, Rehnquist sight blocked blocked the ball into the door , 1: 0. The morale of the Canadians continue to press Justin Williams Jersey, 11 minutes before the cavalry only one shot is positive. The second quarter began to rush morale, just 2 minutes, the use of more opportunities to play less, McDonnell and Zebenna Judd crossed the Canadian defense line, Zuccaireo in front of the skate will be The ball stays down the cannon shot into the Canadian goalkeeper. His inspirational story made him win the award-winning Bill-Maaston Trophy of the most persevering player in 2015. Dolby Nick became one of the league's best goalkeepers in the season Alexander Ovechkin Jersey, and in the first half of the regular season it seems that he may even be the best goalkeeper candidate Sean Collins Jersey, even though Dolby Nick's performance was not so good at the end of the season, His ability to lead his team to win, if the wild want to overcome the blues, Dolid Nick must return to the regular season of the state, and play the role of the wild team of the door god and stone wall. St. Louis Blues opened a strong game in the game hit less than eight minutes to break the success, and in the next few minutes and then the next city, making the Minnesota wild in a very passive situation. Big score 1-3 behind Chris Brown Jersey, plus the start of 0-2 at home, put all the pressure on the Minnesota wild players who. After the game, the team core Corey after the game about the team in the first quarter behind two goals, "they (blues) very early into the two goals, but we still have a lot of time , We pulled back the score in the end, showing our character, but they still win over us in overtime.