The shark team for the team's two or three groups have made adjustments to deal with the impact of the oil team offensive group Stanislav Galiev Jersey, but the opening or the oil team completely occupied the field initiative, the last 5 minutes the shark team did not even once Shot to try, but fortunately the goalkeeper Jones performance calm strength of the goal without losing. The first section of the oil team overall shot to 22: 8 sharp lead shark Jonas Siegenthaler Jersey. The opening of the second quarter only 1 minute, the performance of the game a brave oil group of a group of left-wing Dreiser received a long pass from his teammate Larsson won the single-pole opportunity Chandler Stephenson Jersey, he used to carry the body to fight the shark guard back Braun, Break the defense of Jones five holes, 1: 0. Just 1 minute later, the shark team mistakes, defender Martin near the blue line in the ball instability, to the oil team single-pole opportunity, four groups of teenager Sligo Xie Fu accurately shake the wrist shot on the Jones roll side Defense, 2: 0. Ke Yiwu brothers, Sarku and Mikou - Ke Yiwu two people have been the Finnish national team captain, brother Sarku in Monterey Canadians served as captain for 10 years Joel Ward Jersey, brother Mickey in the Minnesota wild team as captain also Nearly eight years, two people are the best in the history of Finland NHL players. This season, Mitch - Koi Wu in the 80 regular season to get 58 points, but his strengths are not offensive, but the defense, Ke Yi Wu is one of the league's best defensive defender, and this year was named as a reward To the league's best defensive defender Frank - Hill Kay